My Big Is My Hero Because...

 January is National Mentoring Month

This month we celebrate YOU, the Bigs who have committed to build a positive friendship with a child who needed someone to empower them to succeed. This month Big Brothers Big Sisters will post thirty-one selected entries from the "My Big/Mentor is a Hero Because..." essay contest. The following Bigs/Mentors were nominated by their Littles/Mentees and each submitted a quote on why their Big is their Hero.

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1Ashlee  Zayli KendraAbilene  "She is nice to be with and always has something good to say."
2MelanieMariaDianeBrownwood "She plays with me outside during recess and sometimes my friends join us; she is kind to others." 
3LauraAgustinCrystalDallas  "My Big Sister helps me when I'm having problems."
4RustyJorge Dixie Dallas "My Big is a super hero because he is always there when I need him."
5Monsherra EricaBettye Ellis  "My Big is a hero because she is inspirational. She helps me have more confidence in myself and helps me overcome my fears."
6MarquitaMorganKim    Houston "My Big is a hero because she helps me with my problems; I love that Marquita is a hero, but not any hero - my hero."
7TiffanyBaileyElaine Jack "She helps me when I have a problem that I'm not sure how to deal with." 
8Kelley  NicholasMayraCollin "Miss Kelley is a hero because she helps me with problems and spends time with me. We have a lot of fun together!"
 9Kathy Jasmine Dixie Dallas "She loves to help those in need; she helps stray animals and tries to find them homes. My Big is very giving and I enjoy being around her." 
 10Monica Dori Sheri Denton "Monica is a hero because she makes me smile by playing with me and taking me places." 
 11Diana Destiny Magdoly Houston "With her positive words and guidance I believe I can reach my full potential. I am grateful for her and the impact she has made in my life." 
 12Tiffany Breanna Kaydee Erath "She's my hero because she's there for me." 
 13Amanda Devin Deborah Wichita"She is a nice one; she is fun." 
 14Ashley Jayla Antonese Dallas "Ashley is very smart, kind-hearted and a great listener. I can truly talk to my mentor about anything and feel comfortable about what I'm telling her." 
 15Mark Jaxon KendraAbilene "My Big is a hero because he is always there for me." 
 16Raj Isaac CrystalDallas "He's kind and funny and seems like a Dad to me." 
 17Floyd Aiden CherylDallas "He is my best friend and he teaches me stuff. If I never met him I don't know how I'd live." 
 18Chance Gavin JillGrayson "I can talk to him about personal things and he also plays football. He's awesome and is my best friend." 
 19Michael Kamron ShondrellHouston "He is always there for me and helps me to be a better person. I'm glad he takes the time for me." 
 20 KatrinaShannon  JillBonham"She is nice and it's always fun to do things with her." 
 21 EvaElizabeth JenniferTarrant "I love talking to her, she is like a friend. I just feel comfortable and safe being around her."
 22 Patrik Adrian Magdoly Houston"
He has provided me with opportunities that I would not have been opened to. He gives me insights on things that can help better me as a person."
 23 Brian Michael Kim Houston"He is nice and encourages me. He likes to make lots of conversations and plays with me. He cares about me and more!"
 24 Kishma Keiohna Jennifer Tarrant"She helps me with my work; she talks to me and buys me birthday gifts." 
 25 Sid Raul Jennifer Tarrant"He helps me with school work and also gives me great advice about my future and helps me choose my career and always listens to me."
 26 Randy Brett Lisa Waco"He has taught me some of the most fundamental lessons such as a firm handshake, saying yes sir, how to catch and throw a baseball. Randy has been a big part of my participation in sports and attends my baseball and football games. He keeps his word and has not once let me down. I hope one day I can be a hero like Randy."
 27 Robert Andrew Antonese Dallas "He encourages me to do greatness. He really loves to inspire to always work harder. I enjoy how I can talk to him about my problems and he gives me strength to push harder."
 28 Kristin Bria Amanda Tarrant"She is sweet and caring and doesn't like to disappoint people which makes her a good person. Kristin is a hero because she's kind hearted and most of all she's awesome."
 29 Greg Donovan Kendra Abilene 

"He is my hero because he is in the military."

 30 Jonathan Isaiah Donisha Houston 

"He is trying to reach out to help me. The guy could be doing anything else but he chose to spend his time helping me get prepared for life."

 31 Hana Julissa Donisha Houston "She has to work and live her own life while she volunteers to help guide teens through life and helps them make good choices."


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