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What is OP4G?
Every now and then an idea comes along that is so compelling it doesn’t take long to say, "Can I play?" Op4G, one of our newest partners, is a perfect example because it’s a win-win for us all.

It’s no secret that these are challenging economic times. Our organization works each day within a regularly squeezed budget. Op4G’s program allows you to help us while also sharing your feelings and experiences with organizations eager to pay for that insight. You’ll be paid for it, with at least 25% of your compensation being donated to us!

What about my security?
Op4G (Opinions 4 Good) maintains a database and sells access to it for consumer and market research. Advertising agencies and consumer-oriented companies do such work on a daily basis. But Op4G is different from other research companies because its database is comprised of people just like you – supporters of Non-Profit enterprises like ours.

We agreed to partner with Op4G after they satisfied us of a number of things, all of them as important to us as to you if you choose to participate.

  • First, no one ever has access to your personal information, not even us. You are anonymous, identified only by the username you select.
  • Second, your personal information is private because it is maintained in a secure database entirely separate from the marketing database.
  • Third, no one ever has access to our internal list of supporters.
  • Fourth, you get to decide what Op4G programs you want to be involved with, and you will only be contacted by Op4G based on those selections.
  • And, finally, you will be paid for any research activity you choose to participate in with at least 25% going to your designated Non-Profit. Op4G is paid by its market researchers, not by taking a share of your earnings.

But it’s all up to you to decide whether to join us as an Op4G Member. You can resign your Membership any time you want, and all of the information you provided would be immediately erased by Op4G.

How do I sign-up?
Check them out at  OP4G.com . If you want to sign up, enter the code BBBSLS1234. That identifies us as the Non-Profit you are there to support.

Please consider giving it a whirl. We are sure you, too, will discover Op4G is an organization we can be proud to associate with. We think everyone wins.

The Fine Print
Op4G makes it possible for people like you to earn money for themselves and their favorite Non-Profits by participating in internet-based market research anonymously at a safe and secure website. Your identity is never known, can never be sold, and you’re never inundated with SPAM as a result of Op4G Membership. Plus, all research activities are determined by you at the myOp4G website, which is filled with a variety of fun information and activities.

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