Big Brothers Big Sisters partners with Knomadix and Microsoft to break educational barriers


Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Knomadix for all their support, especially during these challenging times. Brothers Big Sisters has partnered with Knomadix to further our mission to defend the educational potential of our matches. Knomadix has generously donated 2000 licenses to our matches to help eliminate the educational gap. These licenses will help Big Brothers Big Sisters elevate its mission and meet the educational needs for our youth in our community. This also allows Littles to gain extra support from their Bigs and share a learning experience together.

Knomadix is a platform that makes human learning more effective by personalizing active learning. Knomadix specializes in developing a granular understanding of the step by step learning process (using AI); and then with accelerating human cognition development. Because personalization happens using AI rather than 1:1 tutoring, Knomadix saves teachers time and makes engaging, high quality learning experiences for students scalable and more affordable.

In addition, Knomadix helps children overcome their math anxiety and brings them access to quality life outcomes. It is an honor to partner with an organization that is helping the youth in our community expand their education while making it fun and efficient. Knomadix will be making a positive difference for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Knomadix’ vision is to create a world where each and every human being can maximize their learning potential, without regard to their background and circumstance. The 2000 licenses donated to BBBS matches encourages our continued commitment to our vision that all children will achieve their fullest potential. It will elevate our resources to support children and provide alternative means for our matches to develop their relationships.

Knomadix is making their mark in education and we are very grateful for it. Thank you again for your generosity and support! We would also like to thank NeedThese for providing hardware devices for our youth and Microsoft for providing Azure cloud resources. We hope to continue to strengthen this partnership and become bigger together.