Veteran Mentors Little Brother As A New Way To Serve

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we aim to help children of military members through the unique challenges they face as a military family member. Our program matches children of active duty personnel, veterans, reservists, National Guard and those who are wounded or lost their lives with a volunteer mentor who has a good understanding of the military-family lifestyle. The Military Mentoring initiative launched in 2007 and now serves over 80 children annually in Greater Dallas.

May is National Military Appreciation Month, and we’re proud to honor a few of our military Bigs on behalf of Boeing Company. Tomm previously worked in Long-Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance by gathering intelligence on enemy units. He has been matched with his Little Brother, Xavier for over a year now and has thoroughly enjoyed his entire experience with BBBS.

“The drive one experiences from being looked up to by others can be had in both the military and BBBS,” Tomm said. “Knowing that you’re a role-model for others to imitate, especially while they might still be in the process of molding themselves, is a constant motivator to aim higher and strive to be a better person.”

One of their favorite things to do together is simply having a good conversation. Tomm explained his Little Brother usually has a lot of questions that he enjoys answering, as Xavier knows there is plenty of knowledge to gain from his Big Brother.

“I get to be a very specific type of role-model that a Little can look up to,” Tomm said. “It gives me a special influence to stand out from the others and influence my Little in a way that can be more challenging for others.”

He admits becoming a Big Brother has exposed him to the mind of a child and helps others like himself learn to be more patient and understanding. Being a great source for his Little to talk to has also helped him understand the real obstacles and stressors a child may be faced with.

Tomm highly recommends others in or out of the military to get involved in the BBBS mission because it’s yet another opportunity for a caring and strong-minded individual to serve his or her community. Which he says is inherently a self-rewarding experience.