Fund a Big

Give the gift of mentoring. Change a community.

Alongside each child and mentor is the donor who made the friendship possible. Your gift, no matter how “big” or “little,” enables one-to-one mentoring to be a free, safe, and effective resource for families and children who want and need a positive, loving adult to be carefully placed into their child’s life. Young people who have a mentor are much more likely to be leaders, avoid incarceration, go on to college, and volunteer.

Even more, when you fund a Big for a Little, you propel a life-changing ripple effect for the surrounding family members and the generations that follow.

3 Ways to Give



Local Dollars Supporting Local Children

 Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national network of affiliates sharing best practices in order to ensure the safety and finest care for children served by our organization. Yet the mission remains local. Local volunteers mentoring local children in a program supported by local donors. Your local dollars develop more college grads, community leaders, and entrepreneurs directly in your community.

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Because of You

“I’m a petroleum engineer for an oil and gas company right here in Houston, just like my Bigs told me I could be. The reality is I do not know where I would be without Barbara and Greg. And I don’t know where I would be without Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

– Darryl Blackburn, former Little, Big, and Board Member

Double Your Impact

Check to see if your company will match your donation or provide a volunteer incentive grant for your donated time.