Lydia and Sydni

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, the most rewarding outcome is seeing long lasting friendships blossom and grow into something bigger each year. The strong impact mentoring has on all our matches truly defines the core purpose of our mission. We would like to introduce you to Lydia and Sydni. Over the years, Lydia and Sydni have defined the genuine meaning of sisterhood.



From competing to participating in outdoor activities and trying new foods, this match has definitely hit milestones worth admiring. Big Lydia has been matched with her Little Sydni for four years. Stationed in Houston, Lydia found out about Big Brothers Big Sisters in college. Lydia believes in the outcome mentoring has on people. She is a strong believer that outside general family, mentoring has a lasting impact on people allowing them to have access to activities and experiences beyond what they are accustomed to. To become a volunteer mentor was an opportunity Lydia was excited to embark on and make the best experience from.

Here’s what Big Lydia has to say about their experience with Sydni.

“Growing up, education was always the number one priority; it wasn’t so much encouraged as expected. Following my own experience, I started pushing school as a priority early on with Sydni. Immediately after picking her up, I would start off most conversations asking about classes, grades, lessons and projects. Sydni had just transferred schools the year we were matched and I was so excited for her to begin succeeding within their impressive expectations and Sydni didn’t have the experience of resources to meet them. That created a distance for learning because it wasn’t familiar. But I believed that with hard work and encouragement you can do anything. So I wanted to offer that to Sydni. But before you can start asking someone to make an effort, you have to have a relationship. So for the first year we focused on getting to know each other; creating a foundation.”