Mentor Neil and Mentee Devoyne

Devoyne and Neil have been matched in the mentor2.0 program since Devoyne’s freshman year of high school, 2 years ago, at KIPP Northeast College Preparatory.

Neil heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters through friends who are Bigs, and signed up because he wanted to help someone get into college. Neil describes being a mentor as very rewarding, and fast—he cannot believe that Devoyne is already a junior in high school!

While they always like getting to see each other at in-person events, the match agreed their favorite activity was the end of school year sports event last year, when they got to play different sports at Devoyne’s school.

Neil appreciates Devoyne’s enthusiasm about everything, and his determination to do well. Devoyne likes that Neil is always there to help him, and that he gives him new ideas about college and sports. Devoyne is trying to graduate a year early. Neil is trying to help him navigate that, and help Devoyne figure out all that needs to get done to accomplish that goal. When asked what he has gotten out of being a mentor, Neil said he has gained an understanding of what it takes to buckle down and make
good grades again. Devoyne said that Neil is helpful and is always there for him.

To encourage a potential mentor, who thinks they do not have the time to be a mentors, Neil said “you can always find time, it is all about planning.” Devoyne would tell a potential mentee that “if you need help with anything, or want someone you can tell anyone to, sign up.”