Zach and Haven

Food, Holy Family Church, YMCA, repeat. From their first outing driving in circles while drinking McFlurries to three years later with an established Sunday routine, Big Brother Zach and Little Brother Haven have created a unique bond built on true brotherhood, strong faith, and consistency.


“If it wasn’t for my Big Brother Zach, I would not be able to succeed in real life things and I would not know how to handle things in the right way.”

In the eyes of Haven and his family, Zach has exceed all expectations in his role as a defender of Haven’s God-given potential. According to Sherry, Haven’s “Nana,” Zach has helped Haven with his discipline and motivation, stepping in during times when Haven needed a male role model the most. When Haven’s school hosted a “Pizza with Father” Luncheon, “Bring Your Father to School” Day, Zach was there.

With careful consideration and humility, Zach explains, “my goal is to foster [Haven’s] potential and to make sure that the world does not negatively impact him or the value of his dreams.” Zach and Haven’s relationship is a true testament to how, through the way you convey positive expectations, one can truly change another person’s life. At the beginning of each school year, the pair crafts a list of goals they want to work on together. One year, when Haven started to struggle in theater class, Zach decided the easiest way to enhance Haven’s drama skills would be for him to learn by example. Despite dreading their outing to Stages Repertory Theater to see Panto Cinderella, Haven was immediately drawn in when the cast unexpectedly pulled him on stage. It was a transformational night, filled with laughs, creative acting and a newfound respect for theater. Shortly following, Haven was able to bring his grade up, an accomplishment both he and his Big Brother could celebrate together.

When they aren’t stuffing their faces at one of the amazing restaurants Houston has to offer or flying kites in the park, you can likely find Zach and Haven at one of two places: attending Holy Family Church or playing sports at the YMCA while utilizing their free membership passes. Haven has become fully a part of the Holy Family Church community, actively participating by carrying the cross or incense and leading all of the kids in the breakdown phase at the end of the service. Time spent with the church community alongside his Big Brother has also helped to enhanced Haven’s leadership skills and influenced his big dream of one day becoming a pastor. Haven adds, “I love going to church with Zach because at his church I learn, at my last church I just played.”


Everyone who plays witness to the friendship between these two brothers knows it is one that will last well into the future. Big Brother Zach said it best himself,

“Haven and I will be brothers no matter how old we get and I fully plan on being there for all of his big life milestones. I have seen the fruits of one-to-one mentorship and I am humbled to be able to help play a small role in helping mentor a future leader of our community. Haven’s potential is limitless and I’m here to help guide him in the direction he chooses and enjoy the journey alongside him and his family.”

Three years as brothers and a lifetime to go. Food, Holy Family Church, YMCA, repeat.