Rice Design Alliance 2015 Charette Benefits BBBS

Design competition, organized by rdAgents, challenges participants to conceptualize new BBBS building plaza. 1:1 A Plaza for the New Big Brothers Big Sisters Houston Building

Winning Team: Jacob Burgus, Sarah Zelenak, and Lisa Girard from TBG Partners

(Saturday, August 1st 2015) Students from Rice School of Architecture rallied together to accept rdAGENTS challenge to create Charrette’s Design for the opening plaa to the new Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston Building. The opportunity for the building first appeared when BBBS’ new CEO, Pierce Bush, sat down to lunch with Visiting Worthan Lecturer, Tei Carpenter, and began brainstorming the new vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston new office. Behind this magnificent blueprint for the new building is a team of architects and weeks of hard work. Tei Carpenter led the Rice School of Architecture team and two of Rice’s finest students, Adelina Koleva and Elizabeth Stanfel, to the construction and production of BBBS’ new home.

On August 1st, Rice University students gathered by rdAGENTS to join the 15th annual Charrette Design challenge where they were expected to add on a patio to the structure of the building. On August 3rd, the teams joined together once more to find out who won the 15th Annual Charrette Design for BBBS. Jacob Burgus, Sarah Zelenka, and Lisa Girard of TBG Partners was awarded Best Overall for the design, the presentation, and the team work! The teams were asked to create several challenging structures including a paving system, a seating area, landscape materials, a bike area, and parking up to twenty spaces, yet still flow with the buildings original design and surrounding area. The eleven teams worked together within their individual groups to conquer the challenge and build their own unique plaza in order to help contribute to the Houston community.  Thank you to the students of Rice School of Architecture for all of their hard work and willingness to promote and support our mission of one-to-one mentoring!

For more information about the competition and winning design, click here.