One-to-one Mentoring is at the Core of Every Program

Our focus is to safely and effectively pair ONE volunteer (“Big”) with ONE child (“Little”) in one of three core mentoring programs. Each mentoring relationship (“match”) is monitored and supported to ensure long and enduring, positive and meaningful relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of the children served, their families, the mentor, and generations to follow.

Mentoring in the community


A Big is matched with a Little ages 6-14 with the commitment to see each other two to four times per month for a couple hours. Matches spend time together in the local community and plan their own outings, based on activities they like to do, such as playing catch, reading books, or getting ice cream.

Mentoring at a school or partner site

School / Site-Based

A Big meets with a Little 2-4 times a month throughout the school year during a non-core class, extended lunch break or after school. Bigs and Littles work on homework together, play games, throw a ball around, or simply share stories with one another.

Click here to view a map of our school-based mentoring sites and see which one is closest to your work or home!

Mentoring enhanced by technology


A mentor is paired with a high school student at select partner schools. Mentoring takes place each week during the school year through online communication on our proprietary platform complemented with pre-scheduled in-person events every 4 to 6 weeks. mentor2.0 is more flexible on the mentor’s schedule and designed to help students graduate high school prepared for the future.

Special Initiatives

Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring can take place in a variety of forms and targeted populations to meet their unique needs.


serving children with incarcerated parents and family members

More than five million children across the U.S. have a parent in prison. Children with 1-2 incarcerated parents have a 70-90% chance of ending up in prison themselves and are more likely to face immense challenges including cycles of poverty, abuse, academic failure, dropping out of school, and even incarceration themselves. These children, coined “Amachi” for the Nigerian Ibo word meaning “who knows what God has brought us through this child”. “Amachi” signifies children who are in dire need of one more supportive, caring adult in their lives to help them reach their full potential and thrive as productive members of society.

Faith-Based: Faithful with a Little

uniting faith-based individuals and organizations with mentoring

Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to partner with communities of faith in Houston to provide mentors who help clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future. We believe all children possess the God-given potential to change the world and we are standing together to defend it.

Featured Partners

Beyond School Walls

hosting students from a nearby school at a corporate partner’s office

Through a site-based, sponsored partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, companies give back to the community by hosting a group of Littles from a nearby school at their corporate office. Littles meet in the workplace with an employee Big two to four times per month during the school day for an hour. Our staff manages the program on-site while Bigs and Littles play games, help with schoolwork, tour the office, or just share stories with one another.

Featured Partners

High School Bigs

engaging high school students as mentors

When local high schools are positioned near an elementary school, it presents a unique school-based opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to serve as volunteer mentors to elementary students. High School Bigs meet collectively and are paired one-to-one with a Little. Group meetings are facilitated by our staff who provide structured activities, encourage reading together, and supervise the match relationships.

Military Mentoring

serving children of military families and engaging military members as mentors

We recognize children with a parent in the military face unique challenges due to the stresses of military life. Military Mentoring provides services to children of those who have faithfully served our country – active duty military personnel, veterans, reservists, National Guard and those who are wounded or lost their lives – by selectively pairing them with a volunteer mentor that has a unique understanding of the lifestyle of our armed service families.

Featured Partners

Big Couple/Big Family

mentoring a Little alongside your significant other or family members

Mentoring can be better, together. By becoming a Big Couple or Big Family, you can impact the life of a child in need alongside your significant other (in a long-term relationship of at least two years) or even with your entire family. This program provides the flexibility to have outings with your “Little” both together and/or individually.  It is a great way to spend time together while also positively impacting the life of a child.

Bigs in Blue

connecting youth and police through mentoring

Bigs in BlueSM is a national initiative aiming to connect our youth with local police in order to build strong, trusting, and lasting relationships that have the power to strengthen entire communities.

Real Men Mentor

encouraging men to step up and mentor boys

More than two-thirds of children waiting for a mentor are boys requesting a positive, caring male mentor. Studies have shown that the lack of a male figure in a boy’s life increases the likelihood of performing poorly in school or getting involved in crime. Through intentional campaigns and partnerships, the Real Men Mentor campaign meets men where they are in order to encourage them to be a male mentor that a boy can turn to and emulate as they grow up.

Bigs Outdoors

introducing Littles to the outdoors through nature-filled match events and activities

Bigs Outdoors program matches Littles with an interest in the outdoors with caring adults who want to pass on their passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, shooting sports, water sports, hiking, camping, and birdwatching are just a few of the options that let the Little enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors.


Big Brothers Big Sisters proudly serves the LGBTQ community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters proudly serves the LGBTQ community.

A 2019 report from the Trevor Project shows that just ONE accepting adult can reduce the risk of a suicide attempt by 40 percent.

Our goal is for all LGBTQ youth to have access to a safe and supportive mentoring relationship with a caring adult. One in three children will grow up without a mentor. The Trevor Project estimates that LGBTQ youth make up 5-7% of the nation’s youth, with 13-15% of those in the juvenile justice system being LBGTQ. Compared to non-LGBTQ peers, LGBTQ youth:

  • are twice as likely as their peers to say they have been physically assaulted, kicked or shoved
  • are more likely to report that they do not have an adult they can talk to about personal problems
  • are more than twice as likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs
  • 40% say the community in which they live is not accepting of LGBTQ people
    23% do not believe that things will get better compared with only 8% of their peers
  • Over 50% say they have been verbally harassed and called names involving anti-gay slurs

Good mentors can change a mentee’s life trajectory by helping them learn new skills, form positive relationships, broaden their horizons, talk through challenges, gain self-esteem, and fulfill their potential.

Sisters Rock

providing female empowerment programs

Girls are bombarded with unrealistic expectations every day. Sisters Rock combines the power of mentoring with opportunities for girls to gain insight on issues they face every day to prepare and empower them to become the best version of themselves, with the guidance and support of a trusted friend – their Big Sister. Topics covered include: healthy relationships, success in school and career, and positive self-esteem.

Sports Buddies

sharing game tickets and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with matches

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including our love of sports. Thanks to generous individuals who donate in-kind and special partnerships with local sports teams, Sports Buddies provides Bigs various opportunities to share their passion of sports with their Little such as tickets to games, sports clinics, and special player appearances, and more.