Meet Andrew and Javier

Texas Big Brother of the Year & Lone Star Little Brother of the Year

In 2013, 10-year-old Javier came home from school one day eager to tell his mother, Juana, about a new program a teacher told him about at school. She listened as her insistent son illuminated about why he believed it was a good opportunity for him. As a single mother with a demanding work schedule, Juana began to understand how Big Brothers Big Sisters could help her give Javier a positive male role model he could look up to, talk to, and spend time with exploring new opportunities. Despite her initial hesitation, she lovingly consented and signed Javier up for the school-based mentoring program.

Later that December, Javier was introduced to his Big Brother Andrew. After two years of Javier running home and raving to his mom about his time with Andrew at school, the match decided to transition to the community-based program where they could take their friendship beyond the school walls. With Andrew’s support, Javier has become a leader in his community, at home with his family and brothers, and in school where he was recognized and given the prestigious “Best Student of the Year” Award.

While he has always been a straight-A student, his friendship with Andrew has helped him gain more confidence, discover his full potential, and dream bigger about his career goals. Javier plans to apply his excellent math skills to attend MIT to study architecture.

When asked what he’s most excited for in the future, Javier enthusiastically shares, “to become a Big Brother myself one day.”

Every day, I have watched how Javier has grown not only physically but mentally. Andrew has been an important piece for Javier to be the good child he is now.

– Juana, Javier’s Mom

I would like to say Thank You to Big Brothers Big Sisters for letting me have this chance of a lifetime. For helping me grow as a person and being there for me when times got tough. I really appreciate getting the opportunity to express myself and letting others know what I have been feeling. I hope I can follow in Andrew’s footsteps and become a big brother in the future.

– Javier, Little Brother

Javier is a special young man who has a bright future ahead of him… The moment our relationship of mentor/mentee turned brotherly was a moment I will never forget. We were at dinner waiting to go see Life of Pets and he referred to me as his “big brother” to our waitress, and he did this as if he has said this his entire life.

– Andrew, Big Brother