Meet a Big Brother Match

Jamaal and Braylen
Matched February 2013
Match Support Specialist: Javier Medina

Big Brother Jamaal and Little Brother Braylen have been matched for five years. This pair enjoys going to play golf, watch movies, kayaking with the Bigs Outdoors group, swimming, and they can eat their weight in crawfish!

Little Brother Braylen is fun to be around. He’s an extrovert. Big Brother Jamaal states, “One of the things that I like about him that I think is going to make him successful in life is he’s an extrovert that definitely likes to chit chat and be social and engage with others. Not every thirteen year old has that type of spirit.”

Big Brother Jamaal and Little Brother Braylen have built a solid relationship based on a rewards system that celebrates Braylen’s strengths and successes. At times when Braylen needs to refocus, Jamaal includes more structure and an education component to their activities. Jamaal does not take his role as a mentor lightly and tries to teach Braylen by serving as an example himself. The fact that this kind of system exists between the two speaks volumes about the kind of person Big Brother Jamaal is and how much Braylen is valued as a Little Brother.

Meeting each other was a natural experience. Big Brother Jamaal enjoys seeing Little Brother Braylen grow and mature over time. Ever since they’ve met, they’ve connected on their ability to talk to just about anyone. Big Brother Jamaal chuckles, “We believe we’re both funny sometimes. He may have some jokes and I have some jokes as well. Some of the similarities we have are that when we mess up we own up to what we’ve done and take responsibility. Other than that, I’m a better dancer than he is! We both love to eat! Braylen is maybe half my size and it amazes me how much food he can consume! We both show an appreciation for the cook!”

From food to new friends, these two have so many more miles to go and different foods to eat!