Meet a Bigs in Blue Match

Jimmy & Ryan
Matched May 2017
Match Support Specialist: Stephanie Wright

Big Brother Jimmy and Little Brother Ryan were matched in late May 2017. Coming into the match introduction, Big Brother Jimmy was outgoing and charismatic and Little Brother Ryan was a little shy but very friendly. In a matter of a few months, this match has established goals for academic success and developing organizational skills for Little Brother to use while studying. This match has also discussed and modeled a firm handshake and making eye contact while communicating with others. Big Brother Jimmy is trying to establish a mentorship that will nurture and grow this relationship far beyond anyone’s expectations.

This past school year, Little Brother Ryan failed the 7th grade and will need to repeat the year again in order to be promoted. Big Brother Jimmy and Little Brother Ryan have discussed the necessary steps Little Brother needs to take to do better in school. The match has also discussed ways Little Brother Ryan can take responsibility at home and at school by improving his behavior. Big Brother explains, “Ryan is a very sweet kid and I think he could be a great role model for his younger sisters by being respectful towards his mom and helping out with chores and the day-to-day tasks around the house. I know from experience Ryan has a way of smiling at you when he’s in the middle of a difficult conversation that makes the authority figure want to easily forgive him—or even laugh—and move on. I think that’s part of the reason why he got away with slacking off in school, because he’s a charmer.” Big Brother Jimmy has really warmed up to Little Brother Ryan and appreciates Little Brothers goofiness and charm.

Little Brother Ryan describes his perspective of the match, “I feel good about the match because my Big Brother is nice and he talks with me about my life at home and school. We’ve talked on the phone and played basketball and both of those things were a lot of fun.” Little Brother looks forward to more outings with Big Brother and doing activities like eating at Steak & Shake, playing basketball and going to the park to throw the football. When asked Little Brother Ryan stated, “Yeah, I am going to try to better in school this year, not just for my mom and my Big, but for myself as well.”