New Denton County Board Member: Dr. Gregory Stinyard

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Tarrant County is excited to announce Dr. Gregory Stinyard as the newest addition to the BBBS Denton County Board.


Dr. Gregory Stinyard has performed as an HR advisor to Fortune 500 Retail, Fulfillment, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Healthcare companies. He served in the U.S. Army for 20 years and leverages several of the military leadership styles learned during his time in service.  Dr. Stinyard directs HR operations and drive strategies that advance business goals, takes care of talent and teach people to lead.

Through coaching and training, he transforms Managers into Leaders, and HR Generalists into Business Partners. Dr. Stinyard’s philosophy is simple yet effective. Remain present and connected with his clients/customers, and always celebrate the small stuff.


Dr. Gregory Stinyard uses this same philosophy with his very own Little Brother as a mentor in the BBBS mentor2.0 program. He is a supportive and caring mentor and has empowered his mentee to be his very best and to achieve his goals.


Dr. Stinyard is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. He has led grass-roots efforts and built social media campaigns that impacted recruitment practices and resulted in the launch of community forums that have elevated corporate brand as an Employer of Choice in local markets.

Dr. Stinyard currently resides in Denton with his wife, Donalisa and their chocolate lab, Bella. He enjoys CrossFit, bicycling, and kayaking. Congratulations to Dr. Stinyard and welcome to the BBBS family!