Practice Social Distancing With Your Match

Practice Social Distancing with your Match

Learn more about how you can connect with your Little/Mentee while still practicing safe social distancing!


Local and Global Health Departments are strongly recommending social distancing. Until further notice, we ask that our Bigs and Littles do not meet in person. In the meantime, we have put together a few fun activities and ideas for you to practice safe social distancing with your Little!


If you are in a School-based match,  please contact your MSS for more information about how you can stay engaged with your Little during this time.


1. Write a Letter to your Little/mentee. This could be through snail mail or even email, encourage your mentee to respond back with their own letter. This is a great opportunity to get to get to know your Little better and to let them know that you are still here to support them.


2. Go on a virtual field trip together. Many museums and exhibits offer FREE virtual tours online, chat on the phone while you both virtually explore!

Check out these links to some of our favorite virtual tours:


3. Play a game together online. You can find games online that you can play with your Little. There are apps that you can download onto your devices, if you each have access, such as Words with Friends or Draw Something.


There are also online games you can play together. Tabletopia offers many classic games online such as checkers and backgammon as well as several other new games! Pogo also offers free online games such as monopoly and scrabble!


4. Send your Little a care package. Fill it with small items like their favorite snack and a few fun activities they can do inside. Some ideas may be activity books, a book to read, a puzzle, etc.


5. Give your Little a call. Whether its a video call or just a quick phone call to check in, your Little will love hearing from you!


We hope this helps you stay connected with your Little/mentee during this uncertain time. Share how you are staying connected with your Little/mentee on your social pages with the hashtag #BBBSConnected and tag us @BBBSTarrant