Big Couple Highlight: Jordan & Ashley

Jordan and Ashley applied to be a Big Couple after Ashley came home one day and told her husband about a presentation by BBBS she had attended at work. At the time, the couple were looking for such an opportunity to give back to a local child. “We wanted to get involved with a child showing livestock because it was something we both grew up doing and had missed a lot. We saw this as an opportunity to fill a need for a child. To introduce something we found valuable growing up, to a child who may have not had the opportunity otherwise,” explains Ashley.

Soon enough, Jordan and Ashley were matched with  Little Brother Kauy. The couple reminisced, “when we first met each other, I think we were all a little shocked. We recognized Kauys’ mom from church. Just ended up being a small world. We met there in their house and we knew it was going to be a great match based on our initial conversations.  We were very open with our match support specialist about wanting to find a child that we could introduce showing pigs to. They did a great job finding the right child. We immediately knew that.” Before long, Jordan and Ashley began helping Kauy show pigs in 4-H and FFA, which they continue to do together as a team.

For Jordan and Ashley, “it’s been a great experience. We’ve not only gained a little brother, but Kauy’s family has become part of our family.” Kauy often tells Jordan and Ashley that he probably would have never gotten involved in something like showing pigs if it wasn’t for them. Showing livestock has become something that Kauy loves and enjoys and he has had a lot of success, such as winning Grand Champion Gilt at the San Angelo Livestock Show. Jordan and Ashley said, “That was probably one of our most exciting times together. It was so great to see Kauy accomplish something so big.” Now in his senior year at high school, Kauy serves as Secretary of his FFA chapter.

Since being matched with Kauy, Jordan and Ashley became parents themselves and they credit Kauy with teaching them many things about being a parent and the importance of one-on-one time spent with children. Having been matched with Kauy for over 10 years, the couple has enjoyed their match immensely and they strive to encourage others to be a mentor to a child. Jordan and Ashley always say, “There is something you love and enjoy doing. For us, it was being involved in livestock shows. That thing you love to do can be introduced to any child and shared with any child. That’s what we chose to do and everyone has the opportunity to do the same thing. There’s a child out there that needs you. If you love to sew, sew with a child; if you love to cook, cook with a child; if you love to build something, build with a child.  That little something can make a big difference in a child’s life.”