Mal & Hal – A Community-Based Match

Written by Michelle Chahyadi

Mallory met Hallie for their match introduction 5 years ago, when Hallie was still a shy 10 year old. Ever since being hired as a staff member for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mallory knew that she wanted to be a Big Sister right away. In the course of their match, Mallory feels that she has been able to experience the mission first hand and believes that she couldn’t have been better matched with a Little than with Hallie. On their first outing, Mallory took Hallie to Sonic. Soon enough, Sonic became one of their go-to places for a drink or snack and Hallie began opening up and telling Mallory more about how things were going at home and school.

Aside from going to Sonic, Mallory and Hallie enjoy going to the movies, chats at Starbucks, and attending monthly match events. According to Mallory, “Hallie is a jokester with her peers which is also true for me. I love seeing her interact with others her age at match events.” Some of their favorite annual match events to go to together include Gymnastics Sport Center, cooking classes, and Mine by Design pottery painting. In addition, Mallory has taken Hallie to both ACU and HSU campuses and loves hearing her talk about going to college and discussing together the different career paths Hallie could take.

Since their first meeting 5 years ago, Hallie has matured in more ways than one. Other than the fact that Hallie is now taller than her, Mallory finds it exciting to have watched Hallie grow up before her eyes. In fact, Mallory added, “Her interests have also matured so I am always asking her what’s for teenagers these days. She keeps me on trend for sure!”

According to Mallory, “I have had the best time with my Little and can’t imagine not having Hallie in my life. Sometimes she is quieter than others but I can so relate. I am the same way! Becoming comfortable with each other helps relieve that pressure to fill every void with conversation and just enjoy each other’s company. I look forward to picking her up and hanging out with her no matter where we are headed. I plan to see her through graduation, starting her career and family. The time commitment is minimal and the impact is immeasurable not just in her life but also in mine.”

If you are thinking of becoming a Big but are still unsure, a word of advice Mallory often tells others is to just do it! “There shouldn’t be any hesitation. You have the time, you have the interest, and Big Brothers Big Sisters has Littles waiting on you to enroll!”