Our Work

The Mentoring Impact

Outcome-Driven Results

Research demonstrates that mentoring is most effective when relationships are safe, strong, and long–lasting.

promoted to next grade level graduated or stayed out of the juvenile justice system

improved in their attitude towards risky behaviors

increased their scholastic competency

Breaking the Cycle

Children with 1 or 2 parents incarcerated have a 70-90% chance of ending up in prison themselves.

23% of Littles have an incarcerated parent
Since 2000, only 1% have been referred to the Juvenile Justice System in an active match

Mentoring costs 100x less than one year of youth incarceration

Our Children


children served across Wichita


new life-changing friendships created


on the waiting list* as of December 31, 2016

children come from non-two parent families

children from military and veteran families

children come from low-income families

Creating Life-Changing Friendships